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Team Competitions




Eligibility: The Team competition consists of four teams. The object of the game is to keep the team’s average net score at the lowest possible through our monthly tournaments. The competition is open only to registered and fully paid members of SGCI including returning non-active paid members who currently possess a valid SCGA/GHIN index. New members shall first establish their handicap index by playing a minimum of 3-tournament rounds with SGCI in order to be eligible to compete in this competition. The definition of a new member is defined as follows;

  1. Never been registered member of SGCI.

  2. Not currently member of SCGA. Club Internal Handicap is not acceptable.

  3. Exceptions:

The required minimum of three tournament rounds may be waived for new member under the following conditions;

  1. A member who is an active member of SCGA with an established index;

  2. A member who has completed three rounds during the previous season. If a member has played less than three tournament rounds during the previous season, those rounds will be credited and carried over the next season until the required minimum rounds is achieved.


New members will be given the opportunity to choose and join the team of their choice.


Team Line Up: The team captains are responsible to form their team by recruiting prospective players who will represent their respective teams to the 4-team format beginning November 2018. In order to optimize team performance, it is highly recommended to acquire more players in the team as it will increase the chances of winning. A minimum of 6 players attendance is required to earn “actual” net score for  the team on any tournament. There is no limit on the number of players for each team to complete its roster.


Open Trade Season: Beginning 2019 season, open trade will be permitted to all players who wish to transfer to join the other teams of their choice. The open trade shall be accomplished with the following criteria;

  1. The player shall notify his team captain and other team captains via email of his intent to transfer to the team of his choice. Exchange between one or more players can be made only if the receiving team has the same amount of players to trade;

  2. Any team with new incoming players may allow its players, who wish to join other team, without trade or exchange from the receiving team. The number of players who opted out of their respective team shall not exceed its incoming players;

  3. Trade-in will be permitted only prior to beginning of the first tournament of the season.


Format: The aggregate net scores earned by the best 8 players who scored the lowest net score will be used to calculate team’s “net score” on every tournament round. The “team net score” is determined by taking the average of the aggregate net scores earned by the top 6 players for each team. This method also applies to any team whose players attendance is between 3 and 5 players at any given tournament. Any team with less than 3 players of attendance on any tournament will be penalized. The penalty is as follows;

  1. Team with zero attendance – take average of the 3 worst net scores in the entire tournament

  2. Team with one player attendance – take player’s net score plus 2 worst net scores divided by 3

  3. Team with two player attendance – take the 2 players’ net score plus 1 worst net score divided by 3

The team with the lowest cumulative average net score from January to November will be declared as the Team Champion.


Tie Breaker: Tiebreaker is not necessary in this format, as this is virtually impossible when we count the average team net scores up to the 5th decimal places in every tournament, and on the final average team net score for the entire January to November events.


Handicapping: All players handicap indices shall be based SCGA/GHIN current index report for the month. In order to qualify for this competition, new members shall first establish their handicap by playing minimum of 3- tournament rounds with SGCI. The player’s index will be determined internally based on the 3-rounds played with SGCI. In the event that a new member has established his index with SCGA prior to completion of the required minimum three rounds, his new index established with SCGA shall be used. Net scores shall be calculated using the player’s course adjusted index.


Pairings: The tournament Director is responsible to group players in accordance with the rules on pairings. Grouping of 4-players on the same team is absolutely not allowed. No more than three of the same team colors in a foursome.


Medal: The total purse will be shared by the members of the winning team. The amount of distribution to be allocated to each member will be determined by the Team Captain. The team winner will also receive the Club’s perpetual trophy.


No Show/ Cancellation Policy: Tee time reservations must be canceled no later than 24 hours prior to the day of event. A player will be liable to pay green fee for failure to cancel his tee time without proper notification.

Dress Code Collared golf shirt with team matching color.


Rules of Play:

  • All play shall be governed by USGA except as modified by Local Rules and Tournament Committee.

  • Ladies shall tee off on the Red tees and men on the white tees unless otherwise specified by the Tournament Director.

  • Committee on Rules shall consist of 1-member from each team designated by each team leader to re-solve all disputes and claims in a timely manner. All committee rulings shall be final.

  • Must putt out and no gimmie putts are permitted.

  • Always play “ready golf” in order to keep up with the pace.

  • A player who has committed a rule infraction must be assessed penalty. The penalty must be agreed upon by other players in the flight prior to proceeding on the next hole. Failure to comply may result in stroke penalty or disqualification as determined by the tournament committee.


Team Captain and Team Co-Captain Eligibility requirements:  Every two years the team members of a team may elect to replace their Team Captain and Co-Captains. Below are the following criteria in selection of the Captain and Co-Captain:

  1. The player shall be a member of the team for at least a year.

  2. Selection process should be made within the team in accordance with SGCI policy.

  3. Must be an active member of SGCI.

  4. Must be of good moral character.


These official rules which include but not limited to eligibility, format, tie-breaker, etc. may be sub-

ject to change at any time during the season upon the majority approval of the team captains.

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